Girl Singer for Hire

The new album is now available!!!

Hey people!

If you are looking for a female vocalist to "demo" any of your material, or a female vocalist to do some "back up" vocals on your future CD or demo project, give me a call or drop me a line.

Pictured here are just a few of the CDs I have done vocal work on for other artists:

My friend - Shirley Dragovich (aka Gashouse Annie) Great songs by Shirley. Great players on the album. Produced by other good friend: TJ Wilkins. Hear a clip of "Highs & Lows" with Lois & Jay Casper on back-ups.
Awesome vocalist. Slick licks - and radio ready country. I did a duet with Rod on a remake of an old Tammy Wynette song. I also sang backup throughout. Also produced by TJ Wilkins. Hear Lois on "Love is Callin' ".
The Knobs - Rock and Roll Land
Johnny's first stab at it.
Favorite cut: "Quittin' Time".
It's Rock and Roll, Baby !!!!
The Knobs - Lonely at the Bottom,
Awesome Record all the way around.
It's Rock and Roll 101 !!!!!! Must have for your collection CD Baby. com has it. Produced by friend: Dave Hanner. Listen to a clip of "Where Did You Sleep Last Night".
Tony Barge - Empty Places
Great Traditional Country CD. Loved doing: "Talk back Tremblin' Lips".
CD Baby. com has this album as well.
This is my old Back Up & Push album.
You can still purchase this album ... at YOUR LOCAL FLEA MARKET!  (I did)

Lois Scott - Lead/Demo/Backup Vocal Rates

$60.00 per song (Lead vocal or One Backup Vocal)
$70.00 per song (Lead and one harmony vocal/or 2 part backup)
$75.00 per song (Lead and two or more harmonies)

Just give me a call or email to talk about your project!

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